Recruitment Process

Documents Needed

Following documents are needed to enable us to complete all the formalities in India.
  • Agreement (Between Shawn travel Agents Pvt.Ltd and the Client)
  • Power Of Attorney.
  • Demand Letter.
  • Sample Employment Contract
Salaries- We provide workers at reasonable salaries, without compromising on quality.

Pre-Recruitment Stages

  • Maintain database on manpower availability segregated by crafts and skills influenced by geographic and project preferences. Monitor mobility of labour influenced by age structure, marital status, educational level, professional skills and advice the client on the benefits of such mobility.

  • Monitor mobility of labour owing to retrenchment at big projects nearing completion and where availability of skilled personnel is likely to be in abundance.

  • Identify and review recruitment sources most suitable for the client.

  • This search starts internally i.e. within the organization of the client, to reduce costs on recruitment from external sources. Review local/foreign labour markets and advise client on the availabilities of salary ranges and shortages of manpower in a particular categories, if any

  • Advertise in newspapers and identify important factors in making the job more attractive for potential recruits, thus enabling the client a wider choice at no extra cost.

  • Advise the client on costs of pre-recruitment. Training wherever necessary, in cases where client finds it essential before relocation.

  • Dispatch of Workers- 3-4 weeks approximately from the time we receive all documents.